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The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

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Words, sans violence, break the silence.
I tell you what, I may normally favor Kroger's store brand out of practicality and good frugal sense, but their instant oatmeal sure as hell doesn't stack up against Quaker. Thanks for having it on sale, guys.


What, not good enough? I don't post to LJ for two months and three weeks and that means I have to give you something more than my opinions on prepackaged breakfast foods (which, by the by, stack up against Anne's oatmeal so poorly that they can't really be said to "stack" at all, more "pile like so much bird shit next to the Arc de Triomphe")? I'm almost surprised I have this tab open at all, considering the constant stream of Q1 course packets currently printing and demanding attention, and that I'm leaving for Richmond less than two hours from starting in on this at 2:08pm. Tonight is the first Bella Morte show in Richmond since I've been a member, and the first Synthetic Division show there in years, and my first double-duty night since SD and Tacit Act at Dust forever ago (the only other time I've ever done such). Yes, there will be wardrobe changes. Added bonus: my sisters and my mother will be there. At Fallout. Hoo boy.

This comes exactly a week after Shawn and I played Umlaut for the first time, where once it rolled over midnight and into Anne's birthday I saw fit to stop the set for a butchering rendition of the most nauseatingly sweet sentiment possible. Eventually she overcame horrific embarrassment long enough to forgive me. I think. Now I'm considering recording my version and emailing it to Mr. Coulton himself, because everyone deserves a little novelty and flattery in their lives.

Not that I can guarantee myself time to do that anywhere in the remaining days of 2010. Oh, there are just as many hours in the day as there were six months ago, I suppose. But fewer of them unclaimed, either by other recording obligations or by the kind of welcome contentedness whose absence has spurred so many of my more desperate creative outputs over the years. After today I have no more shows on the books, and thus start in on my portion of work for the new Bella album (they even have me doing a few piano bits for it, how cool is that). And topping it all off, my two classes at PVCC start next week.


Oh, right, that: I'm going back to school.

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Going back to school?!
Hi. Good to hear from you.

Did you know that the force of the Earth's gravity is decreased at Yellowstone park?! (That's a true story)

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