The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

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Seeing February out the door
Working until 7:30 had me less than enthusiastic about going to the gym, so finding I'd forgotten my running shoes more or less sealed it. Instead I've eaten more than enough dinner for one night and am half-paying attention to this entry while watching Christopher Nolan's Following. Somewhat disappointed in myself, since I got an uncharacteristically full night's sleep last night after pussing out on Umlaut. But Patrick's birthday dinner was much fun; night wasn't a total waste.

Con Nooga was... fun, in a final analysis. Whatever unpleasant bits there were, they aren't the sort I'm of the mind to go into here. Rather enjoyed myself all-around, met some rad people and saw some other rad people I hadn't seen since the much larger nerd summit in Atlanta. Have to be honest that I'm pretty excited about what's to become of the music video. If nothing else, I can at least now claim to have been directed by Lloyd Kaufman ("You're scared! Bigger eyes! BIGGER EYES!"). And we've been invited back next year. Word.

Up next: DC show with Ego a week from tomorrow, then I think we're in down time until the two weeks being put together some time in May/June. Well, not "down time" exactly: I've been given a batch of song sketches to tool around with. Not just basslines, looks like I'll be doing live renders of some of the piano lines of the kind that they normally sequence. Glad that suggestion was agreed to.

Oh and I picked up one of these puppies the other day. Anyone with experience working around its finicky tracking issues, drop me a line.

Keep having to back the movie up as I apparently keep shifting my attention for the same crucial few seconds, so I'll end here. Tomorrow: one day closer to my involvement in the academic year reaching its blessed close.

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As far as the Boss Bass Synth tracking issues, return it and get this:

best bass synth outside of an Electro Harmonix. The Boss ones, I found were useless, esp. live.

Yeah, unfortunately it was a Craigslist purchase, so for now I'm gonna see what all I actually can make it do. I'm finding it can double as a killer overdrive pedal, plus I'm working on a few lines that use the tracking issues to an advantage. We shall see.

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