The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

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Far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a debaser.
Four full seasons of LOST behind me in a very short period of time, and I'm starting to seriously question the stability of my surroundings. So I sat down with Goodfellas as a bit of a reprieve while doing laundry, pounding down an entire large Papa John's in the process. Recorded some guitar, tweaked some settings on my bass rig, worked on a tshirt design for the little sister's band, eventually went grocery shopping around 11:30 or so.

It's been a weird weekend, or at least a weird-feeling one. And now I'm in bed with the first issue of Gotham Central (thanks again, Mike) and some intense weather on the other side of the wall, not quite ready to go to sleep but rather tired all the same.

Went to 30mg of Adderall today, after a week at 20mg, after that first week at 10. And this seems to be the day I've finally "felt it", whatever that means (should also be noted that I may have neglected to take it on Saturday). If I were asked for any immediate observations, I'd say this is the end of my legendary and storied gluttony: I knew my appetite was being affected already, but that much pizza and that much psychostimulant really don't seem to be getting along. Also not sure how much coffee I'll be drinking on this dosage. We'll see how well it goes on a work day, and I'll be reporting to the doctor Monday afternoon with my findings.

One more quarter's worth of second-year course packs to go, and it's smooth sailing into the summer. Lot to think about in the months ahead, a lot more interesting goings-on to go on. For now: sleep. Just thought I'd check in first.

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Y'know, I was just thinking I should ask you how the Adderall was going.

I feel kind of bad actually, a lot of people offered a lot of support when I mentioned I was going on it, and I didn't really respond to anyone. But by and large it is going quite well. Doc gave me a prescription for 25mg yesterday as sort of a happy medium, today's my first day on it and so far so good. Still can't lift boxes with my mind, though.

Hmm. Remain an eater of entire planets, or feel smarter on a daily basis? If I have to face that one in the near future it will be *such* a tough call.

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