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The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

Busy. Busy busy busybusybusy.
And yet, having trouble motivating myself to really tackle anything this afternoon. Even with my mental to-do list looking/feeling remarkably shorter and more orderly than usual. According to the 2011-2012 set of materials deadlines I need to be ready to start pre-clearing copyright permissions on Wednesday. Not saying that that's going to be a problem, but I could be doing a lot more today to prepare for that than I necessarily am.

Outside of the day job it's the regular jumble I'm growing to expect and enjoy: freelance work I need to finish, prospective freelance work I need to follow up on, band merch we're hoping to have by the CD release show on July 9th, schoolwork getting put off longer than it should be yet not nearly as long as it was nine or ten years ago.

I was almost tempted to label this past weekend as "just as unproductive as today," but lately I find myself beginning to ascribe noticeably more value to time not spent "getting shit done". Sure, maybe I didn't bury myself in finally building my portfolio website and come out of Sunday night with a finished product as I'd considered doing, maybe I didn't even finish the outline for the informative speech I have to give in Public Speaking on Wednesday night. What I did do was meet Anne for her lunch break both Saturday and Sunday, help her get some of her pre-packing organization done, catch (and be completely blown away by) both Super 8 and the Game of Thrones season finale, and spend a few hours out-of-doors with coffee and Discworld.

And sleep. Not last night so much, but Saturday and Sunday, my god did I ever get some sleep.

Still, to make myself look a *little* better (and give this entry a nice thumbnail image for when it ports over to Facebook), here's a photo I snapped last week of my first paying freelance job, still hanging in Littlejohn's on the Corner:

with all due thanks to Jdavyd for needing a ride to Ragged Mountain Running Shop that day

So yeah, okay, fine, maybe I needed a weekend of rest. I just damn well better not catch me doing that two weekends in a row, is all I'm saying.