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The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

Ugh, let's go edit this post already and add a bloody title...
Just got back from a meeting that had nothing to do with my own department, on account of my boss having let me farm myself out to do some web design work a few weeks ago. Apparently the folks I did it for rather like it: pretty soon the default for faculty personal web pages will be a WordPress theme built by yours truly. Double-whammy-bonus: I've parlayed this into some freelance design work for a faculty member looking to build his own site. Why yes I would like to offset some of my moving costs, thank you.

Moving. Exactly eight weeks to go and counting. God damn but we're excited. I'll be calling the management office today to see if the current tenants maybe decided they didn't need that two-month lease extension after all, and wouldn't they like to let us in a mite early? For the curious, here's a picture I took last weekend when we decided to test the walk to and from downtown:

We get an attic and a basement to go with that porch. Swag.

Feels weird trying to get back into the swing of blogging with any regularity. Whole lot of shit going on these days, trying to decide what's post-worthy is a task in itself. But I do miss doing this, to the extent that forcing myself feels worthwhile and *should* only be temporary. With any luck, the sense that the minutiae of my day is actually worth reporting will return naturally.

For now, I think I'll take another crack at crossing off some more mess from this long-form List Of Projects that I wrote back in April or whatever. This is my summer, if it doesn't get used wisely I'll punch myself.