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Where's me gonna be?
So, I'm in some bands. Some of them tour. Here's some touring I'll be doing with some bands soon.

Bella Morte - Spring Tour 2010:
Tue May 11 – Club Hell – Providence, RI
Wed May 12 – Arlington Center for the Arts – Arlington, MA
Thu May 13 – The Haunt – Ithaca, NY
Fri May 14 – Garfield Artworks – Pittsburgh, PA
Sat May 15 – Shampoo Nightclub – Philadelphia, PA (Dracula’s Ball, bitchaz!)
Sun May 16 – The Loop Lounge – Passaic, NJ
(Sat May 22 - The Southern - back home)

Jdavyd Williams and the Basement Bhaktis - Summer Bhakti Tour:
Fri June 4 - Integral Yoga Institute - New York City, NY
Sat June 5 Kitchari & Kirtan - Cambridge, MA
Sun June 6 - TBA - Providence, RI
Tue June 8 - Ahimsa Yoga - Ithaca, NY
Wed June 9 - Shakti Yoga - Buffalo, NY
(Fri June 11 - Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar - back home)

New England's so nice, I'll see it twice.

Doing Jdavyd's tour (on keyboards, in case you were curious) is something that's been on the table for a while but I've only just finally committed. Pretty damn excited, considering how unconventional it's going to be versus the little "touring" to which I've become accustomed. Trading in dirty rock clubs and Taco Bell for yoga studios and fresh vegan food. Can't say I'll begrudge that.

Not to disparage getting back out there with Bella. Not at all. We had our first practice this week in forfuckingever, just getting familiar with some new material, and it was pretty rad. I've dropped some fatass overdrive bass using the SYB-3 into a few places and actually had it meet with approval. We'll hopefully bring some of this new shit out on the road. Or not, whatever, just get me back on the damn road again.

...And there's just so much else going on outside of that. I've really been wanting to write more about the present and the near and less-near future, honest. Priorities that were just sort of floating in the colloid of my subconscious are actually getting nailed down in a concrete order, and not necessarily in an order I expected to find so satisfying.

Oh, and I been hanging out with someone.

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Woo, hell yeah! Excited for the Bella tour, also psyched for jdavyd's tour.

And...oooooh? Spill it.

The lady and I will be swinging by the Arlington show most likely. I'll try to drum up some local support.

We've got a team already on that. :)

Are you a New Englander as well? Small world indeed :)

Damn Noah, you gonna come out for little old us? This guy here is well flattered :)

I'm not exactly sure what makes you think there won't be taco bell.

Well now, there's a difference between there "being" Taco Bell and anxiously anticipating the next Taco Bell for the very sake of basic sustenance.

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