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It made me want rum and wine and cigarettes.
Getting my Monday started with NPR's exclusive live stream of the new Gorillaz (so far it ain't too bad, even if I'm not that big on Snoop Dogg. But this Mos Def track positively kills). This may be one of the few times I've come in after a weekend and been disappointed at how little email I had waiting for me. Ah well, I suppose it's just a matter of recognizing when matters are out of my hands. It's just that I've done so surprisingly well this quarter, and could be doing even better if it weren't for faculty that have more pressing priorities, apparently.

Pretty productive day yesterday: out of bed before noon, even made it to the gym before going heading over to jdavyd and luckavery's house for Basement Bhakti practice ahead of the March 11th show. Oh right, looks like I'll be filling in for Patrick on keys at the next Tea House kirtan. I also had the good fortune of taking in 35 Rhums as my first Offscreen attendance of this season, which I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe it's all the Lynch I've seen, but it's nice to have a director who leaves out key elements that one actually stands a chance of divining on one's own. And for something so slow and deliberate, I found it oddly riveting. Brainpills FTW once again?

And tonight: MUSE! I've gone off to people before about my love/hate relationship with their live show. While most live performances I take in have me leaving with a newfound sense of urgency to get home and create, the HAARP DVD made me want to throw my hands up and call it quits. Damn them for making it that much more evident that there are some levels I'll never hope to reach. But I'll watch 'em do it.

Bella has a show in DC on Thursday, our first with Ego Likeness since tour. Which, along with the awesome that is getting to see Ego again, means I'll be getting my corporeal copy of Breedless. More on that later; I've a lot of praise to heap on it and not enough attention to devote at present.

Second or third semi-distracted post in a row I think. Need to settle down with Beeeatrice someplace comfortable and really dig in, soon. Even chance that it'll turn out I have something closer to worthwhile to say. Or not.

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i want a review of the show as i hear they are coming to nashville and just might see them f i havent left for overseas yet. deinitely want o knw the stage set up for this tour.

No way I'm going to tell you what to expect, least of all what the stage set up is. Spoiling any of it would be an act of cruelty. :)

All I can say is: for the love of God, if you can go, go. I'm biased of course on account of them being my favorite rock band in the history of ever, but it was everything I could have expected and then some. I'm still reeling.

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