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Saint Valentine was a drunk and an online predator pass it on
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Mudhouse is an odd population today. On the one hand, there's the considerably sketch looking guy at the table next to me, playing Second Life on a huge external monitor and working his way through a box of Girl Scout cookies, alternately mumbling and blurting things incoherently to himself. On the other hand, there's the very well dressed man with the bouquet of flowers, clearly waiting for someone that may very well squeal when they get here. Me, I'm just getting this down before digging back into Middlesex, which I picked up at Blue Whale Books yesterday after soundcheck.

Right, the show: actually better attended than I expected considering we had played a much bigger venue a few blocks down just over a month ago, but still comparatively thin. The Southern, while not nearly as inviting and comfortable looking as Gravity, makes for an excellent little rock club in a good location. I've no doubt that a good long run of activity (and/or maybe some other color of paint) will do much for making the place feel a bit more lived-in and hospitable. And they want us back; I think we'll be happy to oblige.

About halfway through the set, sweaty and hopping about per usual, I came to a realization of "wow, I and my muscles are exhausted, I can barely keep up right now, what's going on?" which reminded me that I'd consumed naught that day but an Odwalla Superfood and a Clif bar. Thanks again, Adderall. It's going to be an interesting lifestyle switch, having to remind myself to eat despite my lack of appetite, and not the inverse. So I've skipped a day today, which maybe made it a little more difficult to finally get out of the house. Or maybe that was just the looming food coma after a tofu scramble that awesome.

Haven't really given much thought to how I'll pitter away the rest of the day. I've been listening to rough outlines of new Bella material today while driving around, idly running through in my head whatever I might have to contribute. All in all there's plenty of productivity to be had, plus Kung Fu Hustle came in the other day from Netflix.

No matter what ends up going down today, I'm making the pledge to stay off of OkCupid. I mean let's not be too pitiful.

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I actually think that Kung Fu Hustle is a little better than Shoulin Soccer. I also like the kids movie he did called CJ4 which is also on NETFLIX

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