The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

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Breaking my head through the surface of the snow and checking in
hungry gus
Somehow, this $12.99 snow shovel is holding up. That's three times now on the driveway, plus helping Bill & Mandy to shovel out their respective cars that are parked on the street. Then we lost power for a good few hours, perfect excuse to take a nap that was pleasantly interrupted when everything kicked back on.

Assuming everything clears enough tomorrow for me to be mobile in time for work, I'd say this will prove to have been an enjoyable enough snow-in. I've worked on some music that I hadn't even expected to happen in the first place. I've watched Peter Pan (2003), Big Fan, Mean Girls (again), and the original The Magnificent Seven. Bothered some people on Facebook chat that I hadn't spoken to in a while, and was bothered in return. And of course I've eaten my share of junk food, but burned it all off through brute manual labor, an entertaining novelty in and of itself.

None of this means I'm not sick and fuck-all tired of winter, mind you.

Hoping all of you are doing just as well if not better. If we're lucky, we've seen the last and the worst of it. If we're not so lucky, well, I'm sure Kroger will be happy to sell me more beer.


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