The Long Dance Good-night

the better to bore you with, my dear

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Fridays at a desk
I seriously, honestly challenge this day to get any more boring.

Here we are in the limbo between semesters, with all my materials (save two courses whose professors have yet to supply me with anything) prepped and delivered where they need to be. Just yesterday I discovered I cache of 24 hours of paid time off that I'll lose if not used within the next month, so I left early yesterday, but for reasons of needed warm bodies I'll be here today until 5. And our Internet is just slow enough today to keep video from streaming well. Pfeh.

Went straight to Target yesterday after work and actually came away with some worthwhile presents. Still have a few more folks to shop for, which will probably be done at one or two of the boutique shops in Barracks Road Shopping Center like a good white person. Quick and easy, but I'm feeling like I've been especially lazy in handling Christmas this year. But needs must. Between work madness earlier this month and pseudo-housesitting this week and these jerkoffs, it's been busy. And I like Christmas.

Hell, I haven't even made birthday plans. But since when is twenty-seven some kind of big deal?

But observations will still happen: Tuesday I head straight from work to Chesapeake, where I'll be until, oh, let's say Saturday. Probably going to The Wave Tuesday night for the first time since this time last year. Fully expecting it to be exactly the same, and I'm okay with that. Sarah's unemployed ass is already back home from VCU, but poor Alicia is getting worked about as much as one might expect from retail this time of year and will be home for less than 48 hours.

Plenty having transpired between the last LJ entry and this, I accept my lack of motivation regarding its documenting, and resign myself to watching the window for the first snowflakes.

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Emily and I will be in town next week too. Hope we run into you... perhaps at the clubby club?!?

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